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Bonkers About Balloon Balls!

10 April 2017

TNW’s Balloon Balls come in all shapes and sizes but have one thing in common; they sell like hot cakes! Check out what’s on offer here and click on the links below to watch video demonstrations.


It's a balloon that comes as a ball - starting as a small and squishy ball; the Blow Up Ball can be inflated up to 25cm.

Squeeze it, throw it, catch it, bounce it, the blow up ball provides hours of fun and entertainment!

The Blow Up Ball is SUPER POPULAR and furthermore it can be deflated to reuse and transport.

Assorted: Blue, Purple, Pink, Orange, Green and Yellow.
Each pack contains 1 Blow Up Ball and 1 inflation valve

Watch a video demonstration of this product HERE.


The Dinosaur Balloon Ball starts off looking like a dinosaur that has been squashed flat. It can only be brought to life by YOU.

Breathing air into its body will make it feel larger than life and will provide you with a fun balloon shaped dinosaur ball to play with.

4 assorted dinosaurs to choose from.
Extremely popular amongst both boys and girls!

Watch a video demonstration of this product HERE.


LOL.....Laugh out loud as these delightful little creatures transform from unassuming animals into BULGING balloon shaped little buddies.

You will never see such a crazy looking tiger or frog in your life!

Can be used as an amusing decoration or as playful punching bag or tossed around in the air like a balloon.

Collect all six Balloon Ball Buddies today!

Choose from:
Frogs, Fish, Hippopotamus, Elephant, Tiger, Lion

2 New Emoji Items Arriving Soon!

7 April 2017 

TNW Australia is now taking orders for these 2 new Emoji items – these items are already selling well. Introducing………


It's time to SUPER SIZE your Emoji’s with the brand new Emoji Mates growing toy!

6 cute Emoji dolls to collect and grow (up to 600%) their original size!


Make all your favourite Emoji’s flash a rainbow of colours with these awesome rubber Flashing Emoji Characters!

Shake, tap or bounce to set off the rainbow coloured light inside.
6 assorted characters to collect.

HOT Sellers Back in Stock for School Holidays!

5 April 2017

Some of our most popular items and HOT sellers are now back in stock, just in time for school holidays.

Here’s a little taste of what’s on offer:


Starting as a small and squishy colourful dinosaur, the Dinosaur Balloon Ball can be inflated up to 25cm. Squeeze it, throw it, catch it, bounce it; the Dinosaur Balloon Ball provides hours of fun and entertainment!

There a four different dinosaurs to choose from, each with their own unique character, they are easily deflated to reuse and transport.


Watch this boat zip around using the power of your breath! Simply blow up the balloon, hold it at the top without letting any air out and attach it to the top of the boat. As the balloon deflates the boat breezes around, totally awesome!

Use it on any flat surface or in water.

Each pack includes boat, plastic connector piece and 2 balloons.

3 assorted boat designs and variety of colour combinations per unit.


This light weight and highly elastic putty can be stretched, bounced or shaped into your own unique colourful creation. This bright coloured putty is a non-messy and flexible toy that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

Just remember if you want to re-use it put it back in its container after use.

Each unit includes 12 tubs of putty and has six different varieties of coloured putties.


Mildly bouncy, totally squishy and absolutely addictive these absurd stress balls mutate from colourful little rubber balls into lumpy packages of joy by simply being squeezed.

These unusual balls have a black holed net surrounding them which the mysterious goo seeps and bulges through. It's not only gross but perplexing as the colour that seeps through is different to the colour of the ball itself.

Grip and squeeze one of these unusually imaginative balls today!!

Easter Reminder! - It's Not Too Late To Order!

03 April 2017

Get your Easter orders in quick before stock runs out!
Here some of this year’s HOT Easter items:


Add a touch of colour to your Easter decorations with these vibrantly coloured Sisal Grasses. Lay out Easter eggs on them or place decorations such as little chicks or carrots them. There are many ways in which the Sisal Grass can be used. It's easily spread out and rolls up nicely into bunches too.

Choose from Orange, green, purple, hot pink, yellow and white.

Each pack contains 20 grams.


These lovely decorative bags make the perfect accessory to your outfit and are a perfect lightweight bag for collecting Easter eggs and other goodies or to fill up and give away as a gift bag.


OOOOH.....Check out these little treats that the Easter bunny has left about. Colourful, sparkly and fun....What a lovely surprise! These Mini Glitter Easter Eggs are an essential addition to your Easter decorations.

Available in Yellow, Blue, Pink, Orange, Green and Purple.

Made from coloured Styrofoam and covered in glitter.


Yeah that's right....Just a couple of cool chicks hanging out. Don't settle for average chicks this Easter; find some with style and charisma.

Introducing the Easter Chick Pair with Coolie Hats.

Made from cotton, felt and plastic.

Cubic Cue’s and Infinity Twister On Sale Now!

31 March 2017

TNW is now taking orders for the Cubic Cue and Infinity Twister – both items arriving mid-April! We have been receiving calls nonstop from customers asking when they can get their hands on these two new items.

These items are SELLING FAST; don’t miss your chance to pick some up at TNW’s special introductory price!

Cubic Cue in Box

Get ready to fidget, fondle, and fiddle with TNW’s new Cubic Cue!

Each of the 6 sides has something different on it so one can click, flick, switch, spin, roll, rub, rotate, snap, shift, turn, or twist until their hearts content.

TNW is selling these at a special introductory price; get in quick before they’re all gone!

Infinity Twister on Card

Gyroscopic fun at its best!

Watch Newton’s second law in action in the most soothing way possible, you don’t need to study rotational inertia to enjoy this addictive spinner.

Spin it on the tip of your finger and see how long you can balance it, master this awesome fidget toy and show off to your friends!

TNW is selling this product at a special introductory price; get in quick before they’re all gone!