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Pirate Fun Toys

10 July 2014

Ahoy Me Hearties!

Take your imagination on an adventure to the high seas with a little help from TNW!

Pirate Fun Toys are now in stock and are a fun and inexpensive way to bring a bit of swashbuckling style to every party.  Grab a set of Pirate Moustaches (FT100P-11) for some facial hair flair, or bring some shine to your treasure trove with our packs of doubloons (FT100P-07).

Embrace your inner Pirate and set sail!

Set your sights to the future and be the first to cry ‘Land Ho’ with our 3 piece telescope packs (FT100P-03). Complete your outfit and show your allegiance with a red skull bandanna (FT100P-14), or a nifty eye patch (FT100P-08) or dazzling clip on ear ring (FT100P-06).

Take a look at our complete Pirate range here!


Our expansive fun Toy range isn’t limited to Pirate theme either. We have a great range of General & Princess themed Fun Toys as well. Check out our entire range here, or contact your account manager for more information.

Halloween is on the way!

07 June 2014

Everything Oozing!

Add the finishing touches to your Halloween outfit this year with a little help from TNW Australia!

For instant (and painless!) scarification check out our temporary scar tattoos (HW092SCA), with a selection that includes bullet holes, bleeding cuts, blood splatters and stitched up gory gashes there is an accompaniment for every injury. Get the kids involved with Face Paint Sticks (FA014STK) and Body Crayon’s (FA014-12P), they are easy to apply and easy to remove, and come in a colour variety pack.

Go Glow!

Stand out from the things that go bump in the night with Glow Make-Up. We have a selection of Glow in the Dark Face Paint (FA014TUBE), Body Cream (FA015GD) and Nail Polish (FA016GB) to top it all off.

Don’t Forget the Blood!

Here at TNW we have fake blood for every occasion! There is blood with Vampire Fangs (HW067), and Blood in Capsules (HW054) for those on the run emergencies, as well as 28.3g tubes of fake blood gel (HW055), available in both Red & Green colourings.

Get in early while stocks last! Click here to check out our digital Halloween catalogue.

For more information about these or any of our other products contact your local account manager today, or to apply for complete web access, including password secure ordering fill out our Contact Us form here.

Temporary Tattoos

03 July 2014 

New Animal Design!

The newest addition to our foil pack temporary tattoo range is in stock now! Animal Temporary Tattoos (ST043/ANI) are the latest addition to our hugely popular existing range. Wild Animals tatts come with 85 assorted temporary tattoos in each pack with designs that includes parrots, piggies, panda’s and more! This range stretches from the amazon to the barnyard and even under the sea to include our fishy friends.

Easy to apply!

Simply select your chosen motif, peel back the clear plastic protector cover and place the temporary tattoo image side down in the desired position. Take a damp cloth and press it firmly against the tattoo for approximately 30 seconds. Remove the cloth and peel off the backing paper and Voila! Your new skin decoration is in place! 

Don’t forget the rest! 

If animals aren’t the tattoo for you check out the rest of our range. We have Pirate designs (ST043/PIR) for swashbuckling fun, Spooky designs (ST043/SPO) for terrifying chills as well as Butterfly Fairy Glitter (ST043/BFG) to satisfy the enchanted fantasy in everyone.

For more information about these or any of our other great products contact your account manager today!

Figurine Fun!

1 July 2014

Let the imagination run wild!

Build your own worlds from the ground up & encourage creativity like never before. Here at TNW Australia we have a terrific range of figurines and play sets that allow kids to create their own adventures, such as our 22 piece Dinosaur play mat kit (BT102DIN) which contains a whole world in a tub!

Transport your imagination to a place of adventure with the help of our Pirate action set (BT093/PIR), a 15 piece set of Pirate figures and accessories, perfect for indoor fun on these cold winter days.

For these great products and more contact your local sales rep and arrange a visit today, or head to the ‘Contact Us’ section of the website to request full web access.

Creepy Crawly Fun!

23rd June 2014

Horrible Halloween Insects!

This year why not really embrace the Halloween spirit and infest your party with some spooky spider fun! Here at TNW Australia we have an impressive array of Creepy Crawly’s and accessories guaranteed to bring a spooky atmosphere to any environment!

Get Covered in Cobwebs!

Check out our Spider web bags, complete with 4 spiders ready to be hung around the place.  Drape your home with our small bags, 57g (HW010), or for a more indulgent web presence try our larger 170g bags (HW010LGE). Jump at the opportunity to freak out the folks with Glow in the Dark Spider Webs (HW043) available in 57g bags you can create your very own labyrinth of glowing webs!

Don’t Forget the Arachnids!

Add some glamour with our Glitter Spiders (HW063/BS)! Available in 2 packs in Silver and Black, they are bound to bring a touch of class to every ghoulish gathering. For those seeking a more sombre spider experience take a look at our fabulous flocked spiders (HE063/TS), beautifully finished and 7cm in size.

For those who like their creatures in bulk there are our spooky creature nets (HW040LGE), available in Spider and Bat they contain 7 black and 3 glow spooks!

For these and many more terrific and horrific Halloween items take a look at our catalogue here, and don’t forget to take a peek at our insert in next month’s National Newsagent magazine, showcasing some of our favourite Halloween items!