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2015 TNW Halloween Catalogue Out Now! Get your copy today.

27 April 2015

In just under six months from now it will be the night all party revellers have been waiting for, HALLOWEEN. This year Halloween will be a SATURDAY night so we can expect more excitement and more participation especially by the plus 18 age groups.

This spooky night of horrors, haunts and hilarity is an English tradition made huge in the USA and now taken up seriously in Australia.

TNW has some unique and exclusive lines in our new 2015 catalogue including our new glitter Halloween Tiara (HW005/THH) our Spooky Tattoos (ST043/SPO), Glow in the Dark masks with Hood (HW049GID) and Mini assorted Weapons (HW046SM).

And we have heaps of fast selling items including makeup, witches hats, loot bags, heaps of pumpkin things, carry bags, Halloween glitter bat wings, headbands, spider webs, horror teeth, skeletons, plaques, gloves, fake blood, decorations, weapons – it’s all available in our new catalogue.
So don’t delay – Halloween today by getting organized and ordering so you are prepared for the big week and weekend leading to Saturday 31st October.

Order now: Online ( or call or email our office in 02 9559 1300 or your call your local sales account manager. All of our details can be found in our catalogue. Request your copy today.

Giant Rainbow Spring

24 April 2015

Have you ever seen a rainbow spring this big in your life?!

These Ginormous springs (BT123XL) will delight even the most serious person! See the momentum build and witness physics come to life as they walk down the stairs – watch our video here!

You’ll be impressed by the size, amazed by the colours and in absolute awe of the impressive tumbling and juggling abilities.

These giant springs are the kings of the spring world, ready to brighten your day and bring a smile to your face.

These springs are just one piece of our extensive Spring range, for more information on these, or any of our other fun filled spring products contact your account manager today!

IN THE SPOTLIGHT - Novelty Balloon Items

22 April 2015

Looking for innovative way to play indoors when the weather is dreary outside can sometimes be challenging. Here at TNW we like to take the guess work out of things and help you to steer your customers in the right direction. Our great range of balloon novelties are bright and cheerful and ideal for indoor use. These novelties are interactive, playful, colourful and most importantly will engage children for hours.

The Jet Racer (SY004JET) will have the kids off and running up and down the corridor. Each pack comes with two colourful balloons and a racer. Simply blow up the balloon place over a valve on your racer and go!

Have the kids burn some energy the ever popular Punch Balloons. Simple to use, colourful and fun. Each with rubber band attachment for fixing (SY004PUN). (Pictured at the top).

Hit the ceiling (without damage) with the Balloon Helicopter (SY004HEL). With a similar working principle to the racer, simply inflate the balloon and attach it to the propellers and watch it fly!

So much fun is to be had with this great selection of balloon novelties, to check out these and many more please visit the Balloon section of our website after you log in.

*With ALL balloon items it is recommend that children have adult supervision.

Fun Toys Bulk Pack 36's

21st April 2015

Creating party packs has never been easier. At TNW we have selected our best-selling party favours and added them as bulk packs, enabling your customers to easily purchase enough to add to all the take home party bags. From spinners to whistles to puzzle games and with 36 pieces per bag or box there's a party toy for every party. Search Fun Toys in our product range online.

Super Sand - SUPER COOL!

20th April 2015

You can mold it, sculpt it, shape it, roll it and make it into things! Super Sand is the latest phenomenon in children’s play. This fantastic combination of sand and kinetics has evolved and now sand castles are next level.

For the economic purchaser who needs all the colours we have 120g resealable tubs (SC011T/120). For the traditionalist we have bulk 500g sand colour Super Sand in resealable foil pack (SC011B/500). And for the serious enthusiasts we have sets available in 6 colours where you can build the well known monuents of the world (SC011TM/1000) or cut dynamic children’s shapes with (SC011TM/500). Finally if the you’d prefer to stay close to the sea we have ocean creature molds that will bring the beach to life in your known home.

Super Sand provides hours of fun and can be used inside the home allowing you to have a mess free environment. Get your stock today.