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Halloween Is Coming!!

01 August 2016

In only three months from now it will be the night all party revellers have been waiting for, HALLOWEEN.

Check out our range of Scary Masks featured in Australian Gift Guide this month.

12 product lines have already SOLD OUT and others are selling fast.

View the Halloween range in our Halloween eCatalogue which is out now OR order online HERE.

Call us today (02) 9559 1300 OR return email ( to request a posted copy and order form/price list.

Don’t be left in the lurch, secure your stock now.

TNW's Die Cast Range

25 July 2016

TNW’s Die Cast Range is for lovers of all vehicles, whether you are a serious collector or you seriously like to play you’ll find the right automobile here. In this range you’ll find Racers, Monster Trucks, Mini Coopers, Construction cars, Custom lines, VW Beetles, Scooters and much more.

These vehicles are constructed from strong and sturdy materials; Die Cast metal or a combination of Die Cast metal and plastic.

TNW’s Die Cast Range has a variety of special features including but not limited to:

  • Pullback wheels; simply pull the car backwards along the ground and watch it zoom!
  • Friction wheels; these wheels can be revved up backwards or forwards and build up momentum when in motion.
  • Freewheelers; these cars go as fast as you let them. The wheels are free and completely controlled by you.
  • Construction cars have extendable and moveable parts such as cranes, loading trays and spinning concrete mixers.
  • Working trucks such as Fire engines have extendable ladders and rescue platforms and include functional excavators.
  • Forklifts are fully functional and extendable.
  • Scooters have handles allowing the front wheel to swivel and turn.
  • Each vehicle is uniquely designed with its own custom paint job.
  • Cool recognisable car styles that are popular and loved by many.

These features make TNW’s Die Cast Range more realistic and fun adding extra levels of fulfilment and enjoyment during play. Get yours today before they zoom away!!

View the complete Vehicles range here! 

NEW Emoji Items

18 July 2016

Everyone loves Emojis, they are the perfect way to add humour or lighten up the conversation. Their popularity and use increases everyday within text messages or across social media. So why not have your very own physical Emoji with you at all times? TNW Australia’s Emoji Range comes in all shapes, textures and sizes with features that are unique.

Get ready for some giggles and stress relief with the Emotion Splatter Balls (BT205SMI), these liquid filled stress balls are great to squeeze in your hands, but become a whole lot more enjoyable when you throw them. Chuck one against a hard surface and watch it splatter and flatten upon impact. Within a couple of seconds it'll reform to its original shape. Throw it against a glass window and watch as it slowly rolls down! Each ball has an Emoji face on it, four to choose from!

Next up are our Flashing Moody Mates (BT206MMF). Throw them at the wall or ground and watch their reaction. Observe their crazy hair muddle up and flop all over the place, while their bodies flash a rainbow of colours. These little guys are funny, cute and like to express themselves, make one your mate today! Each with individual facial expression and individually coloured hairdo! That’s not all for our flashing friends, also available are the Flashing Emoji Bouncing Balls (BT206SMI) made from a soft rubber and a whole new range of expressions on their faces.

Last but not least is the Emoji Face Squeaking Ball Key Chain. These balls are soft and squeaky and are bright yellow too, ensuring that you will never lose your keys again. With 12 of your favourite Emoji faces to choose from, these little fellas will surely brighten up your day!

Whether you’re feeling happy, sad, excited, cheeky, hysterical or surprised, TNW Australia’s Emoji range will give you the power to express yourself however you like.

Super Light Moulding Clay

15 July 2016

Get moulding and make whatever your heart desires, show off your sculpting abilities with TNW’s NEW Super Light Moulding Clay. Coming in an assortment of fun bright colours, this moulding clay has a great feel and is easy to use. It starts of soft and mouldable and can be reused again and again. When you are happy with what you've made leave it out to dry. When fully dry it hardens into a sponge like texture that can be squashed in your hand, but still keeps its shape and form. You can make figures, animals, trees, cars, houses, gardens or whole scenarios. The possibilities are endless with Super Light Moulding Clay.

If you like colour, then you’ll be spoilt for choice. The larger 50 gram tubs (SY169/SLC-LG) are available in 12 different colours and the smaller 25 gram tubs (SY169SLC-SM) come in 24 different colours. You can then mix these colours and make limitless new colours. Each display comes with a production manual that includes a colour mixing guide, basic techniques and five step by step instructions on how to make various creatures and objects with the clay. The manual is in full colour with pictures to help your customers each step of the way. For more inspiration, you can check out the numerous ideas found online on sights such as YouTube.

There are so many great qualities about Super Light Moulding Clay; it is light and elastic, it is non-toxic and it boasts such a wide variety of colour to choose from. It will encourage creativity and give children a sense of achievement and satisfaction. It will promote co-ordination and development in kid’s brains, hands and eyes. It will allow children to learn more colours and how to create them; it will enhance their colour selection and recognition. So what are you waiting for, get your creative juices flowing today!!!

These items arrive in the first half on August and are set a great summer activity. Pre order online today.

Party Favours Catalogue - OUT NOW!

11 July 2016

TNW has taken the guess work out of choosing the most popular party favours by creating bulk packs for adding to show bags, loot bags, treat bags and as fun prize giveaways at birthday parties, trivia nights and festivals; creating party packs has never been easier!

Each pack comes with 36 pcs, from spinners to whistles to puzzle games and so much more there is a party toy for every one! TNW's Party Favours are excellent value. Please contact your account manager or login for pricing.

View on the TNW Bulk Party Favours Catalogue HERE or order from the entire Party Favours range here.