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Super Sand!

13 February 2015

Super Sand

Get amongst the latest craze immersing the Toy & Novelty world! Super sand is highly tactile and mouldable sand like substance. Check out our range of Super Sand here.

It is self-contained, easy to clean and moves and falls in your hands. You can sculpt it, mould it, cut it, the possibilities are endless!

We have great 120g tubs available (SC011T/120) in an assortment of bright colours, why not collect a few and build a rainbow of sand castles to brighten any rainy day!

For a bit a structure, have a look at our mould packs. Available in 500g tubs (SC011TM/500), are an assortment of coloured sands that come with 6 hollow cut out moulds. Then there are the 600g tubs (SC011TM/600) with ocean moulds, as well as the 1000g tubs (SC011TM/1000) available with ocean moulds

Because super sand only sticks to itself, clean-up is a breeze, just scoop it up and keep it in an airtight container. It won’t dry out and will provide hours of fuss free entertainment for kids and adults alike.

Take a look at Super Sand at work here, and see for yourself!

For more information contact your account manager today.

Tape Measure Lanyards - Now In Stock!

29 January 2015

Take a look at these cool lanyards from TNW Australia!

Our tape measure design lanyards (KC237TAP) are printed to scale, allowing you to take measure where ever you are. Available in an assortment of 2 colours (White & Yellow), and printed in bold black ink, these little guys are both stylish & practical.

They join our ever growing range of fun lanyard designs, check out our current available collection here, or contact your account manager for more details.

Slime Squirters!

27 January 2014

Squelchy Squirmy Fun!

Get into goo with TNW Australia!

We have a huge supply of slimes & goo’s, once you start playing, you won’t be able to stop!

Check out our squeeze slime, available in piggy (SY169SLP) and hedgehog (SY169SLH). These little guys love to play; sucking up the slime and spitting it out again, watch them in action here.

Don’t forget the Zombie Slime (SY169ZOM), squishy and squelchy it comes complete with a missing body part and will be sure to make you giggle and quiver.

For the science buff’s we have a collection of appropriate slimes. Take a look at this frog spawn slime (SY169FSS). It’s sticky and gooey and tonnes of fun. Hold the universe in your hands with some of our Galaxy Slime. Available in a cool beaker container (SY169GAL), or in a test tube (SY169GAL/TT) this colourful & luminescent slime will blow your mind.

For an overview of our slimes check out the slime & putty pages of our annual catalogue, pages 57 – 60, or contact your account manager today.


15 January 2015

Origami Paper

Get folding and start sculpting your own paper creations with the help of TNW Australia.

We have two great Origami sets just new and exclusively designed by our TNW team. Both sets are made from brightly coloured, easily foldable paper and come in handy hang sell packaging. Paper sizes are an ideal 17.5 x 17.5 cm.

Firstly we have the single coloured paper pack (SC021/SC20). It contains 20 sheets of easy fold paper in an assortment of 10 colours. There are 2 sheets per colour way as well as instructions on how to fold a paper crane.

Then we have the two-tone paper pack (SC021/TT30). It comes with a total of 30 sheets in an assortment of 6 colour combinations, with 5 sheets per colour way! It also comes with instructions on how to fold a samurai hat.

Origami is a fun activity for everyone and a great way to encourage creativity.  Take a look at our Origami papers here, or for more information contact your account manager today!

Easter Fun!


08 January 2015

With Easter just a hop, skip & a jump away it’s time to get thinking about how to celebrate in style.

Here at TNW HQ we’ve been scouring the globe looking for the best Easter accessories on offer!

Bring on some Easter amusement with our wind up hopping bunny (EN011BUN) made from super soft fluffy material they will bring on the giggles as they leap and bound across the lunch table.

Get some Easter Bunnies and Eggs and other themes on your pavements and walls with the help of our Easter Egg Sidewalk Chalk (EN071). Start a game of Hopscotch, or indulge in a touch of giant Tic-Tac-Toe, or why not just draw a mural with the littlies? It’s the perfect excuse to get outside and burn off some of that extra chocolate fuel!

Surround yourself with colour with the help of our colourful chenille chicks (EN052/24).Standing at 3.5cm tall these jolly chicks come with 24 pieces to a pack and are bound to bring home the sunshine!

For these great products and more, take a peek at our 2015 Easter Catalogue here, or contact your account manager for more details.