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Science at PLAY equals loads of FUN!

30 March 2016

It is the toys demonstrating the scientific principles that are the most fun and a great opportunity for children to see these principles demonstrated! That's why at TNW there is a great range of toys visualising so many of these phenomenal scientific discoveries, often using the exact experiments of their discoverers'.

From the floating ball games (BT330 & BT330/2CD) that bring to life the Bernoulli Principle to the buzzing of magnets (SY186/MED) that demonstrates magnetic attraction. From the clickety-clack of Newton’s mini Cradle (SY072SM) displaying Newton’s Third Law of Motion to the linking of hands with The Energy Stick (SY072ES) showing us how electricity can be easily conducted through our bodies and many more principles to explore - there is something to be learnt from all!

Who knows, maybe even the children using these toys will realise extra dimensions beyond our visual capacity, like string theory! 

So no excuses - get exploring and check out our Scientific and Educational Toys today!

Dance and twirl with the Sparkling Spindle

10 March 2016

TNW has just received new stock of the old classic, The Sparkling Spindle (BT325). Made from a stiff core and metallic/sparkling finish strips the spindle forms circular patterns as you twist it clockwise and anticlockwise with your fingers or slide the free end up and down – it is truly mesmerising. Each Spindle comes neatly packaged on a hang sell card.

Dinosaurs Rule The World!

09 March 2016

...Well at least they did once upon a time they did!

And it is for this reason TNW has added to its extensive range of dinosaur toys with two great new fun items to keep the dinosaur dreams alive.

Firstly, watch them misshape, splat and stick to surfaces as the brightly coloured and water filled Splatter Dinosaurs (BT205DIN). In an assortment of 4 fun themed popular dinosaur styles and roughly 6 - 7cm, these fantastically fun dinos come packaged in neat foil-sealed hang sell bag with 16 little fellas to a display.

Second is an item that will blow your mind - quite literally. It's the Dinosaur Balloon Ball (BT213DIN)! From its humble beginnings as a small and squishy colourful dino it can grow (by inflation) up to 25cm! Also in 4 fun and engaging characters, these dinosaurs are of excellent quality and come neatly packed in a printed display of 12 with one per foil bag.

So whether it's goof and splatters you after or blowing balloons and bubbles that delight, it is evident that dinosaurs live on in spirit, play and fun!

HOT SHOT Handballs get a makeover!

08 March 2016

TNW’s top selling Hot Shot Handball just got even HOTTER with a makeover of its display box and print logo. Now these great quality handballs not only come in great colours, they now have that “street” look young people respect.

Get the edge and be the coolest supplier of Handballs! Order item number BT206HOT

Playing Cards in the Spotlight

01 March 2016

TNW has a great range of classic playing cards.

Mini paper key chain playing cards (KC156), mini plastic coated playing cards (SY118MIN/BOX), official bridge (SY118B) and official poker size (SY118L), a two deck pack (SY118-2P-CD) and lastly jumbo playing cards (SY118JUM).

So whether it's bridge, poker, 500, gin rummy, snap, black jack, whatever the card game preference... there is something to suit every customer.

View the complete collection here.