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Hideously Low Prices this Halloween


7 July 2017

Check out the 2017 range of horrific Halloween items where you’ll find shocking savings on our astounding array.


Extra Large Glow in the Dark Skeleton

Freak the living daylights out of your guests with the luminous looming Extra Large Glow in the Dark Skeleton. These 150cm jointed skeletons can be placed in all sorts of strange poses and glow bright during those spooky nights.

They come neatly contorted on a hang sell card.

Inflatable Pitchfork

A devils favourite weapon is now big and soft. Introducing the Inflatable Pitchfork, measuring 88 cm when fully inflated. Perfect with shiny devil outfits or for play fights.

Halloween Faces Noisy Putty

Ghoulish and gloopy, face noise putty will make you squeal! It comes as 4 designs assorted with different coloured putty in each. It makes strange noises and oozes out the front of the frightening faces for astonishing effect.

Check out the interactive 2017 Halloween Catalogue here.

Growing Toys – What’s Hot, in Stock and New on the Block.


26 June 2017

TNW’s increasingly popular Growing Toys range is now introducing its newest member:

The Growing Emoji Mate in Egg, coming in 4 different coloured eggs with 6 different mates to collect each expressing their own emotion. (IN STOCK NOW)

Also featured in this news story are two of our hottest selling items from this range, if you are not familiar with the Forest Friends or Clownfish, I think it’s about time you get yourself acquainted.

Growing Emoji Mate in Egg (IN STOCK NOW)

It's time to SUPER SIZE your Emojis with the brand new Emoji Mates growing toy!

6 cute Emoji dolls to collect and grow (up to 600%) their original size!

4 Colours assorted: Yellow, white, black and red

Product exclusive to TNW Australia

My Forest Friends – Fox and Owl (IN STOCK NOW)

What's the weirdest pet you can think of? A pet squirrel or maybe a zebra?

Which pet would be the most cunning or the wisest?

I know what I would choose and they are hiding inside these little boxes inside a tree stump of all places.
Who's going to let them out? YOU!

Everyone knows foxes are the most cunning and owls are the wisest.

In this series of My Forest Friends you can not only own a pet owl or fox, you can watch them break out of their little tree stump and grow and I mean really GROW! (Up to 600 % their original size!)

Product exclusive to TNW Australia

Growing Clownfish in Egg (IN STOCK NOW)

Astonish your friends and family as you bring the ocean to your home. Be amazed as your new little underwater friend is born, watch as it grows bigger and BIGGER!

Carefully observe as the sturdy egg shell slowly starts to crack and the little critter breaks free and is welcomed into the world.

Moulded to resemble a real life Clown Fish, this growing pet is a must have for any youngster that wants to expand their knowledge of the natural world and have some fun along the way.

For our full range of Growing Toys click here.

Want Bubbles? - We've Got the Solution


23 June 2017

Whether you want to blow bubbles big or small, long or wide, heart shaped or star shaped; TNW’s got the solution. We’ve got bubbles that stick, bubbles that stack, bubbles that fly high into the sky….we’ve even got bubbles that you can bounce!

Bubbles 940 ml Bottle (HOT) – On Special Now

This enormous bottle has 940 ml of bubble solution and an extra-large wand with various sized holes for blowing numerous bubbles at once. This is for the serious bubble blower.

Gloves Bouncing Bubble Set on Card (NEW)

Bubbles that keep on bouncing!

We have all heard of bubbles that you can catch or stick together, but now with the Bouncing Bubble Set you can bounce bubbles off your hand until your hearts content.

Each set comes with bubble solution, various shaped bubble blowing wands and a special bubble bouncing glove. Bubblicious Bodacious Fun!

Bubble Sword (NEW)

Wave your sword through the air allowing the wind to blow your bubbles for you. The Bubble Sword has 130 ml of bubble solution and an extra-large bubble blowing wand.

Also check out 470 ml bubble bottles here - On Special Now

Set the Trends these School Holidays – Kid’s Fashion Items and Accessories in Stock Now!


21 June 2017

Whether you are looking for a neat necklace, a funky badge or an awesome jewellery set, TNW has the styles that’ll make you go wild.



Twinkle and glisten in the twilight with this eye catching star shaped Bangle and Necklace Set. Made from shiny crystalized plastic with a flexible transparent thread elastic - one size fits most.

Each set has 1 necklace and 1 bangle.


Share your Jools with those you love with this Bangle and ring set. With 8 bangles and 4 rings per set you'll be able to swap with your friends or freshen up your style for a colourful addition to any outfit.

Rings come in heart shaped and flower motifs with a crystal cut pearlized finish. Both bangles and rings come in blue, pink, purple and white.


Add a touch of cool and stand out from the crowd with these sets of Cool Badges!

Attach them to your school bag, jumper, hat or shirt to instantly transform boring into AWESOME!

Coming in a variety of sets and styles there will be a perfect combination for anybody's taste. Each set has 8 uniquely designed badges in them: 3 large and 5 small.

Collect them all today!!

Check out our large range of Kid’s Fashion Items and Accessories here.

Happy About School Holidays?

 19 June 2017

Are you as happy as we are about the school holidays?

We’ve got a whole array of fun items to those kiddies engaged day after day.

Get them thinking with our challenging new metal puzzles, get them dancing with the colourful Rainbow Ribbon Stick or let them play all day with the awesome Construction and Fire Emergency Play Sets.

Metal Puzzle in Box

These devilish puzzles vary in difficulty from those designed to be tackled in your coffee break to those that are absolutely mind boggling and are strictly for those that aren't easily frustrated.

The aim is to simply separate the elements from each other; sound easy?

Think again. Using a hammer or any power tool is cheating, also bending or forcing the metal is cheating. It should only take patience, creative thinking and mental acuity.

8 different puzzles to try.

Each puzzle has step by step instructions on how to solve the puzzle if you're completely stuck.

Rainbow Ribbon on Stick

Dance and twirl until your hearts content! The Rainbow Ribbon Stick has been a kid’s favourite for years. Children of all ages will enjoy its lovely colours and the way it flows softly through the air.

This rainbow ribbon features 2 metres of ribbon with plastic handle.

Construction Play Set w Backpack

This set has everything you need to simulate a real life construction site. Equipped with:

Oil tankers, Trucks with cranes, Boats, Construction workers, Jackhammers and much more.

All this comes in its own little back pack making it easy to take anywhere you like.

How awesome is that!!

All items in the set are made from a combination of die cast metal and strong plastic.

There are 20 pieces per play set.

Also check out the Fire Emergency Play Set w Backpack.