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See YOU at the Trade Fair!

10 February 2017

TNW Australia is super excited about exhibiting at the Iconic Fair! This year Reed Gift Fair returns to Sydney at a brand new venue; the world-class International Convention Centre positioned in the heart of Darling Harbour. This is an event not to be missed; it is by far the biggest event of its kind in NSW. Our friendly team will be located at stand TT47, so come on down and check out our exciting range of new products!

TNW has come a long way since we started exhibiting at Sydney’s Centrepoint Tower in 1983. Back then we were stand 102 of 103 exhibitors. A huge difference to this year’s Trade Fair where there are over 750 exhibitors!

TNW’s Hot New Products on Display at the Reed Gift Fair

We will be showcasing a number of new products at this year’s trade fair, here are just few to look out for;

Laser Scratch Paper

Create your very own sparkling masterpieces with these awesome Laser Sparkle Scratch Paper Sets. Use the stylus to scratch away the paper's black coating to bring your sparkling drawing to life. Move the paper in different directions to reflect light in a rainbow of colours. Perfect for children's parties or rainy days and a great way for children to express themselves. This is the best quality scratch paper ever! Google it! Packaging and paper is exclusive to TNW Australia.

Growing Unicorn

The Growing Unicorn is the latest addition to TNW’s extremely popular Growing Pet range. Children love watching as these majestic creatures are brought into the world and are amazed at how large they grow.

Splatter Zombies

OMG.....the zombies are coming after me! No matter how incredibly terrifying they look, don't be afraid, fight back! Grab these Zombies by the head and throw them to the ground and watch their heads SPLATTER in a big gooey mess...but keep an eye on them because they recover awfully quickly into their original state.

Zoo Animal Eraser Sets

Extremely cute, well made, realistic and very popular with children, Zoo Animal Erasers are an essential addition to your stationary kit or party bag. These pull a part erasers will animate your child's imagination and add some welcome smiles to those long school days. A great collector item and display very well too.

Craft - a - noon with Moulding and Modelling Clays!

06 February 2017

Get those creative juices flowing with our diverse range of inspiring and inventive art and craft items!

Introducing our Super Light Moulding Clay available in small and large tubs and sculpting set of 6. It starts of soft and mouldable and can be reused again and again. When you are happy with what you've made leave it out to dry. When fully dry it hardens into a sponge like texture that can be squashed in your hand, but still keeps its shape and form. You can make figures, animals, trees, cars, houses, gardens or whole scenarios. The possibilities are endless!

If you like colour, then you’ll be spoilt for choice. The larger 50 gram tubs are available in 12 different colours and the smaller 20 gram tubs come in 24 different colours. You can then mix these colours and make limitless new colours. Each unit comes with a production manual that includes a colour mixing guide, basic techniques and five step by step instruction guides on how to make various creatures and objects with the clay. The manual is in full colour with pictures to help you each step of the way.The sculpting set of 6 comes with 3 sculpting tools, making it easier to detail and finesse your creations.

If you are looking for a thicker, traditional style of clay then check out our rainbow 5 or 10 pack Modelling Clays. Soft and malleable, sculpt, shape and mould whatever your imagination desires.

All New Ceramic Money Boxes

03 February 2017

TNW Australia is thrilled to announce its new Ceramic Money Box range. Cute, popular, mischievous and frightful characters make up this range. All colourfully painted with a shiny glossy finish; they will inspire you to save and display brilliantly too!


The Orange Fox: Sly and cunning, he sits unsuspectingly in your room, taking care of your savings with a mischievous look on his face. He may look slight, but when it comes to your money he's got a large appetite!

The Blue Tang Fish: Don't miss your chance to take home this cute little fellah! Since its big role as the main star of a recent children's movie, the Blue Tang Fish has become incredibly popular amongst boys and girls of all ages.

The Grey Shark: This sharks hunger has no limits!!! He's always zipping around the reef looking for his next feed! It's your mission to slow him down, fill up his belly with all your coins....Don't worry; his frightening features will make sure that no one will even dare of stealing your hard earned pocket money.

Emoji Face: Yes that’s right; Emojis have rolled out of your phones and into our warehouse. Enjoy all your favourite Emojis in 3D form! Smiley, cool, excited, sleepy and winky... whatever your favourite Emoji may be, have one by your side to help along with your next spending spree!!

Each of the featured Money Boxes comes individually packed in a colour gift box.

All Money Boxes pictured/mentioned above will arrive on Monday 20th of February so get your orders in quick as these items are HOT!

These are just a few of the piggy banks within our ranks…so pop on over and have a look at the Money Box section

Tattoos for All Tastes

31 January 2017

Introducing TNW’s Temporary Tattoos MEGA foil packs range, each coming in a shiny foil pack covered in colourful eye-catching designs. These high quality tattoos use a vast colour palette to create detailed illustrations that cover a variety of styles. With an abundance of tattoos per pack you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Within this range you’ll find:

Super Grub Zombie Design (NEW)

Freaks of all shapes and sizes with eyes popping out of their heads, knives through their hearts and brains in their hands are slowing making their way towards you!! Create a true Zombie apocalypse all over your body! 62 assorted tattoos per pack!

Dinosaur Design

Go back in time and let your imagination run wild! Have T-Rex looking over your shoulder or a Pterodactyl flying on your back or a Velociraptor fiercely pouncing off your arms! 61 assorted tattoos per pack!

Glitter Girls

Grace your body with these pretty little Glitter Girls. The perfect addition to a birthday costume, fancy dress party or any time you feel the need to decorate yourself.

Other Tattoos found in this range include: Aussie Tatts, Spooky Tatts, Pirate and Super Cte Kawaii Animals

NEW Designs Added to Mini Sticker Book Range

27 January 2017

Check out TNW’s new Mini Sticker Book range, including flavours for all tastes; from the pretty and sweet to the downright disgusting!

Here’s what’s on offer:

Super Grub Zombie (ST309SGZ): Freaks of all shapes and sizes with eyes popping out of their heads, knives through their hearts and brains in their hands are slowing making their way towards you!! With 210 stickers per book you’ll be able to create a true Zombie apocalypse!

Safari Animals (ST309SAN): Unlike the creatures described above these ones are sweet and friendly with cute little cartoon eyes. Captured in a moment of sweet expression, you almost forget their wild nature. These books have 270 stickers with all your favourite animals and birds including: lions, giraffes, elephants, snakes, peacocks, flamingos and much more!

Butterflies 5 (ST309BF5): Our butterfly design sticker books have been soooo popular that we have had to bring out 5 different series of them! That’s right 5 different series! Just like the other 4 series, these are filled with gorgeous vividly coloured and uniquely patterned butterflies of all shapes and sizes! 180 stickers per book!


As well as the above mentioned items, you’ll find Cool Cars (ST309CCR) in vintage, classic and modern models, magical and majestic Rainbow Unicorns (ST309RUN), and Colourful Gift Wrap Tape (ST309GWR) in exquisitely detailed patterns, to add that finishing touch to your special gift.