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February Specials Out Now - Over 100 Items on Special!

6 February 2018

TNW’s February 2018 specials are out now, there are over 100 items covering all ranges on special at exceptionally good prices.

These Specials will end on the 4th of March. Don’t miss out!

To see all items on special click here.

Featured below is a little taste of what you’ll find in the February Specials list:


Bring out your inner punk with these funky 2 tone wrist bands.
Funky, fresh and flexible.

Be that fashionable trend setter that you've always wanted to be TODAY!

Available in 6 two-coloured bands:

Green - blue
Orange - pink
Blue - purple
Yellow - orange,
Purple - pink
Pink - orange.

Made from a soft flexible rubber, one size fits most.


OOOOOH Gross! It's so slimy!!

Let your kids relish in this sensory experience as they let this gooey slime run through their fingers.

They will be completely fascinated by the texture and will want to feel it on their hands, feet, arms and everywhere!

They will be hypnotized by the electric neon colours and will be content playing with this product for hours on end.

They will be amazed by its stretching qualities. This slime has plenty of streeeetccchhh!!!

Product Description:

Each tub has 90 grams of bright coloured slime coming in a plastic tub so it can be reused on numerous occasions.

Remember to put slime back into tube with the lid closed if you want to play with it again.

Available in:

Hot Pink
Neon Yellow
Hot Purple
Neon Orange


Wind up your three horn faced mate and watch as he stomps all four feet with authority. This is the perfect toy for dinosaur lovers of all ages.

Available in 4 assorted designs.