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Top Selling Slimes and Putty Back in Stock

The following top selling slimes and putty are back in stock now and are selling very quickly:


OOOOOH Gross! It's so slimy!!

Let your kids relish in this sensory experience as they let this gooey slime run through their fingers.

They will be completely fascinated by the texture and will want to feel it on their hands, feet, arms and everywhere!

They will be hypnotized by the colours of the galaxy and will be content playing with this product for hours on end.

They will be amazed by its stretching qualities. This slime has plenty of streeeetccchhh!!!

Made by the world's best producer of high quality slimes and goos.

Each tub contains 62 grams of multi-coloured galaxy slime.

It can be reused on numerous occasions, just remember to put slime back into tub with the lid closed if you want to play with it again.


Mummy, how does it stretch so far?
Why does it feel so weird in my hands?
How did it become so slimy?
How was it made?
How do you mix all the colours together?

Have a whole lot of fun experimenting with this Funny Lab Slime.
This bizarre substance with its complex character will keep your kids curious, asking numerous questions about its odd existence.
Remember to put back in tube after use, so it can be used again and again.

Available in 3 different colour combinations with 105 grams of slime per tube.


This hilariously gross putty covers all bases when it comes to toilet humour.

It feels revolting, makes disgusting farting noises and even lives in a toilet seat.

Squeeze your fingers into the wet putty to let of a cheeky noise.

The sound it makes is loud and obnoxious.
Brilliant for any little comedian or class clown!

Comes in 6 different colours:
Choose the colour of your toilet and you will find the same coloured putty inside.