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New Lanyards - In Stock Now!! Printed, Colour and My Team Lanyards

16 April 2018

TNW’s range of Colour, Printed, My Team and Wide lanyards come in a rainbow of bold colours and cool designs.

Made from either heavy duty polyester webbing or printed on nylon using the dye sublimation technique; all lanyards are 15mm wide and 90cm from loop to loop with the exception of our Wide Lanyards which are 25mm wide and 90cm from loop to loop. All lanyards come with a key ring, thumb trigger hook and accessories loop.

Various styles include:

Printed Lanyards

TNW’s Printed lanyards are made up of a variety of fun designs for all tastes and styles. You will find patterns such as dots, stars and chequers. You will find funny sayings and various themed lanyards such as dinosaurs, unicorns and cars.

Coloured Lanyards

TNW’s Colour Lanyards come in a rainbow of bold solid colours. From your classic primary colours to seasonal favourites, each one matches a Pantone colour as indicated.

My Team Lanyards

Introducing TNW’s latest addition; My Team Lanyards, these dye sublimated lanyards come in the colours of your favourite teams and are applicable to many sporting codes. These are perfect for supporting your favourite Aussie Rules, Soccer, Cricket Netball, Basketball or Rugby League team whether it is at professional level, for your local club or a team that you play on.