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TNW's Most Popular Items at the Melbourne Reed Gift Fair

10 August 2018

Thank you to everyone that made it to this year’s Reed Gift Fair in Melbourne, was great to see some familiar faces and make some new friends too. As usual it has been a whirlwind but well worth it, the stand was busy and we had an excellent response from our customers about our display and the great variety of new products and ranges that were on offer.

From the feedback we received, the following products/ranges were the favourites;

“The grosser the better” was common feedback, customers loved anything gooey, slimy, sticky and squishy. Everyone loved our new Orbs range and were equally excited about the Pearl Pus Ball.

The favourite from our Slime Kits was the Hot Neon and the versatile nature of our Bouncing Putty has allowed it to stay on the top sellers list.

Our ever expanding Growing Toy range just keeps getting more and more popular. Now with so much choice, from growing mermaids, to sloths, robots, unicorns and more this range has consistently been at the top of our best sellers list, with the Large Dinosaur Egg being the number 1 favourite.

We have introduced some fun new Key Chains over the last couple of years, the stand out favourites this year being the Glitter Pooping Unicornand the LED Sound Animals which light up and make the sound that each animal is famous for with the push of a button.

Our new Mini Sticker Books with Laser Pages were a massive hit, with customers commenting on how much they loved the laser element. Many customers commented on how inventive and diverse these new designs are and that they could not find any other stickers as fun on the Australian market.