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Product Display Stands

In addition to the incredible array of products stocked by TNW, we can also supply the stands to display them! Below you'll find some of our versatile and stylish product display stands. Contact us or your local sales representative to find out how TNW's stands can maximise sales and improve your store layout.

Novelty Stands

At 1.8m tall and with six tiers of six hooks each, the TNW Novelty Spinner Stand is an eye-catching and compact way to display a large range of novelties.


This stand will accommodate the majority of the TNW gift and novelty range, including most carded and hang-sell items, as well as those with those with swing tags. Adjustable and removable tiers gives you full control over the height and capacity of your stand, while built in coaster wheels allow zou to move the stand to wherever you need it most.


Usually priced at $118.00 + GST, a free novelty stand may be available to customers who order a certain amount.


Sticker Sheet Stands

With a dizzying array of sticker sheets available from TNW Australia, displaying them all at once can prove to be a headache. Our sticker sheet stands solve this problem easily, allowing you to mix and match sheet designs on each panel while also giving customers the chance to rotate the stand and see the full range.

Each stand comes with four adjustable mesh sides with removable prongs able to display TNW's complete sticker range including puffy, laser, epoxy gel, and tattoo sheets in any configuration. Get yourself a free stand by ordering a full selection (36 designs) of TNW sticker sheets for $452.40 + GST.

Contact us or your local sales representative today with your requirements or to find out more!

Mini Sticker Book Stands

Thanks to their fresh, colourful, and playful designs, TNW Australia's mini sticker books have become mega sellers over the past few years. There's almost 100 designs for kids and aspiring artists to choose from, and displaying them is easy with TNW's shop-ready stand designs. These display stands, available in both floor and counter versions, are specifically designed and manufacture to fit the mini sticker books, and are perfect for preventing shop clutter while still presenting the best side of the stock.

Floor stands come prepacked with 54 assorted designs (12 books per design), and is available for $550.8 + GST, sticker books included. The counter display stand comes with 24 assorted designs (six designs per stand face, 12 books per design) and is available for $244.80 + GST.



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