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Home Fun Run – Make Sure No Australian Child is Left Behind During COVID-19

18 May 2020

There is a great fundraiser on now that we’d like to introduce you to called the Home Fun Run.

The @HOME FUN RUN has been created to make sure no Australian child is left behind during COVID-19 and beyond. It will connect families below the poverty line to remote learning through The Smith Family’s Learning for Life Program. Further, every donation of $10 or more will also see a Christmas present donated for an Australian child that would otherwise miss out.

Essentially, a family registers to participate, they fundraise and then they hold their @HOME FUN RUN between the 8th-12th June, 2020. You can see more information on the website, which is:

To give you even more context, have a look at the page that was created by one of the fundraisers:
Anybody that creates a page will view the same thing.

Really, anything you can do to assist would be truly appreciated. Please share with your friends and family!