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BANG! Make a blast with impact when your shots go off and blow away the smoke while the sound echoes in the distance!
These 8 – shot ring caps are the perfect ammunition for your cap gun. With 144 shots per pack you wont need to reload for a long time.
These caps can be used in most cap guns including our own MINI CAP GUN ON CARD (item code: BT141/MCG)


Simply insert the ring caps into the gauge of your desired cap gun, close the gauge and your gun is ready for use.
Always observe cap gun safety outlined on the products packaging.

Each pack includes:

18 x 8-shot ring caps
8 shots per ring

Product Size : 10.5 cm x 25.5 cm
Packing: 18 x 8-shot ring caps on hang sell card / 48 cards per inner box

Recommended Age: 6 years +

WARNING: To avoid risk of accidents, carry caps in their card.
Do not put caps loose in your pocket.
Caps for toy guns may be hazardous if misused and should only be used under adult supervision

CONTENTS; Contains less than 8.4 milligrams per cap. Purotechnic composition consists of
potassium chlorate, red red phosphorus, lactose and glue.

Made in China