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For your security, if there has been no activity for a prescribed time or if you have been logged onto the system for more than a prescribed time, then a 'Time Out' is executed.

This will help stop unauthorised people looking at your confidential information at an unattended workstation or copying and pasting a URL to access your confidential information.

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We are open

In these difficult times we would like to offer you as much support as possible to keep things running smoothly.

We are still able to receive orders via our website at any time and have limited staff in our office to take your enquiries.

We will not be accepting any visitors to our showroom while lockdown measures are in place.

For those of you interested in ordering online and need instructions or a little refresher on how to do this, 
please see this 
news story which gives simple detailed instructions and tips on quick ordering.

Kind regards,
TNW Australia