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These Mysterious Favourites are Back!

12 January 2020

Enjoy these magical toys that are currently favourites amongst our customers;


Is there something you're not sure about?

Need to make a quick decision.... Don’t hesitate, ask the Magic 8!
Ask the Mystic 8 Ball anything,

Roll it to one side and look in the window and it'll give you a quick decisive answer.

There are many possible answers it will give.

It's fun to play with your mates...Ask it “Should I ask that girl in my Maths class out?"

or "Should my friend Sarah host the end of term party?"
Or anything you like!


Be mesmerised and amazed as you watch Newton's Cradle do its thing.

Newtons' Third Law:

"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction."
Newton's cradle aptly demonstrates this law as the balls react to being hit by one another.

Simply pull back any number of balls from one side or the other and watch the reaction it has to the balls on the other side.

Sleek modern design made from metal and glossy plastic base.